Is Jon Snow Dead?

I won't even bother with spoilers here. If you're reading this, then you already know you're in for some spoilers. So, to answer the question, yes and no. Yes for the TV series. No for the books. Let's start with the series. TV Jon is Dead After Olly and Alliser Thorne lure Jon out, a large... Continue Reading →


The Paradox in God’s Nature

For the religious among you, look away. It's going to get controversial. Before I became an Atheist, I was raised a Roman Catholic. If there is anything I know about God from my more religious days, it's that God is three things: All-Righteous All-Knowing All-Powerful But, when you think about that in the context of... Continue Reading →

Why Blog?

Today marks the day I create my blog. I have debated over having such a thing for a long, long time. Ultimately, I decided it was necessary for two reasons: 1. I am a writer. A writer must write. It is in his name after all. I don't care if what I say amounts to nothing more... Continue Reading →

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