Troubles at the Pizza Shop

A week ago, I started delivering pizza for a local pizza shop so I could scrounge together a little cash for college. Yesterday I showed up to work and was told that I wasn’t supposed to work that day. Normally I wouldn’t suggest ranting about work on a blog where an employer could easily see, but let’s face it, my boss won’t find this.

So tell me if I should be angry. My boss is the classic Italian stereotype, so just picture Tony Soprano. Gold chain, excessively masculine, seemingly aggressive. You picturing it?

After getting the job, I was told to expect a call for my schedule on Sunday. I believe I got the call on Monday. My boss told me, “Okay, I need a guy to work Thursdays. You can work Thursdays? Good. Cuz I definitely need someone. And maybe Saturdays. Yeah, you should work Saturdays. That’s pretty solid, like 99.99% chance you’ll be working Saturdays. Yeah, but I definitely need a guy for Thursdays so you’ll always be working then. Oh and can you work Wednesday? You can. Great. So how’s that sound? Good? Alright, I’ll talk to you later.” Well, something like that.

Would I be wrong in assuming that my schedule is Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday? No. Probably not. That’s what I thought.

So the Tuesday before my first day, he texted me to make sure I knew I was coming. I said I’d be there. I showed up and afterwards said I’d see him tomorrow. I had Friday off and on Friday, I got another text reminding me to be there Saturday. It looks like he has a habit of doing that whenever someone has a break. Maybe he deals with a lot of shitty employees, but to me it seems a bit excessive. You told me to come Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday and I said I would. Leave it at that. But whatever.

After Saturday, I didn’t hear a thing. However, after that call on Monday, I assumed that I should come in again on Wednesday.

It was actually a shitty day for my depression. I was struggling not to cry on the way to work. Then, I get there and I’m told that they didn’t need me. The pizza cook said, “Hey, the boss said he wanted you in on Thursday. I know you worked Wednesday last time, but it’s actually Joe’s (fake name) shift. Well, Joe can’t come in, but he has Eric (fake name) covering him.”

So of course I was like, “Oh, well if you don’t need me, I guess I’ll go.” But he made a big deal of waiting for Eric to get there, so we could decide who would work. Why? I don’t know. If I wasn’t supposed to work, why would I work? When Eric got there, he gave me this look that said he really didn’t want to deal with some random shit like this. So, I left. I started crying on the ride home. Damn depression.

Then, like a slap in the face, I get a text that night from my boss. “I need you tomorrow at the store.” I responded politely while thinking in my head, “You little bitch.”

So I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming in every Thursday. He mentioned that multiple times, but otherwise am I to wait on his every word? I thought I had a schedule. It appears that I don’t. It appears that I work only when he tells me to work.

Okay, I’m being dramatic. I’ll probably only be working two times a week. That’s nothing to complain about, unless I really need money. I guess I’m just upset that I went in looking like an idiot because no one ever clarified that if I don’t get a text the night before, then I’m not working the next day. I’m just embarrassed is all and I had a bad day. Ugh. Fuck pizza.


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