The Greatest Hero

Stop. Who are you thinking of right now? Superman? Batman? James Bond? John McClane? Some firefighter? Your dad? Whatever the case, you're wrong. The greatest hero is Link from the Legend of Zelda. Why? Because Link is you and you are Link. Although actions help characterize Link, the blonde, elfin boy is speechless and thus a fairly flat... Continue Reading →


Why Writers Torture Characters

Everyone does it and everyone should do it. Writing like most things in the world involves patterns. People pick up those patterns and thus expect what is to come. That's tension people. Tension is what people love. They know what's coming, but they don't know when, how, and/or why. You might be thinking, "Oh! Like... Continue Reading →

Authors in Their Novels

Whenever I talk about my novels, I always get asked the same things: "Is this inspired by your life?" "Are you this character?" "Did this actually happen?" I get the feeling that other authors experience the same thing. Most of the time we roll our eyes and tell you through a grumble, "No!" Well, that's... Continue Reading →

Are High Standards a Bad Thing?

I always have my head in the clouds. I pass the time by receding into my mind and disappearing into elaborate fantasies. Of course, when you're as obsessed with romance as I am, you can't help but to imagine a nice, pretty girl to woo. Now, think how many times I imagine this girl over the course... Continue Reading →


I stumbled across a short film called "Kropki" (Polish for dots). The film points out how mechanical we are. We do what we need to do and never ask more. We never question why this happens and that happens, who that person over there is, what that person thinks, why they dress the way they... Continue Reading →


There's nothing like logging onto Amazon to see you've sold several copies of your novel. Yeah, money is great. But I would sell my work for free and still enjoy watching sales increase. People like my work. It's quite flattering.


At last! BECOMING GOD is published. Take a look. Spread the word. But it. Come on...look at the cover. You know you want to. Here's the link.


I'm what you might call "technologically challenged." I'm an idiot when it comes to computers and the like. Thus, it's taken longer than I would have liked, but BECOMING GOD has now been submitted to Amazon Kindle. It'll be available in roughly 12 hours. Yeah, I know...12 hours 😦 Wait it out! Then buy it.... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon

BECOMING GOD is coming soon...really soon. In fact, I might be publishing it tomorrow on Amazon. I wrote this novel nearly a year ago, edited it since then, and then begged my mother, an art teacher, to design the cover. Well, she finished the cover today. I forget how long it takes Amazon to upload a novel,... Continue Reading →

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