Each day is spent At a well with a silvery cedar bucket On a scraggly strand of rope. As you cast down your line, You lean into the well, Hoping to hear the splash Of wood on water. You hear nothing. The arid wind swims through your hair, Cracks your tender lips, And howls dryly.... Continue Reading →


Around the Coals

Around the coals decayed To black, a circle Of rocks savors What warmth remains, What light tests the dark. The once roaring fire That charred their rocky sides, Now a shivering tongue Coiled in ash. A faint glow kindles Off the wind's whispers. For a breath The stony guards smile orange And their shadows stretch... Continue Reading →

The Cognitive Correction

As I continue to suffer and weep in the cold hands of a relentless depression, I have took it upon myself to read a self-help book on cognitive psychology. The book,¬†Feeling Good by David Burns is an excessively long look at the causes and solutions for depression. Although I have completed only about 300 pages... Continue Reading →

Broken Man

If you look in the mirror Look just look just once In the mirror look Again look There at the man Blood on his hands Face fractured Snapped and Broken face In the mirror Broken face How sad He didn't mean it Never meant it Would never mean Not mean No not mean Not a... Continue Reading →

Bars Between the Trees

Through the wind-wrought forest, Between slouched birches, peeling, I found you With the sun in your teeth, Eyes cloudless And silver from the circling Gates in your gaze. "Why the bars?" I called, Still from afar, Where the dying moss shriveled Into brown bricks Mortared to the face Of the mountainside. "Not a prison," I... Continue Reading →

The Danger of a Stable Friend Group

You have your four best friends in the world, and together, the five of you are one functional family. No, better than a family. Your friends don't ever ask you when they'll get grandchildren. Everything is great. There are no problems, no drama. Everyone is happy. Right? Maybe. But there's a lurking danger. When everything... Continue Reading →

I am not Sedentary

I write this now from a train rolling down its rickety tracks towards my university in NYC. This is where I belong. Not my university. Not this train in particular. No. On the road, moving, not here, not there, but somewhere in between. I spent the weekend at home with my parents. While it was... Continue Reading →

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