Who Wants a Free Book?

GASP! Did you say free? Yes, I did kiddies. My book Becoming God is on sale, and by sale, I mean it's free until this Thursday. If you're looking for an action-packed┬áscience fiction novel, why not get┬áBecoming God? It's a quick read, and did I mention free? Make sure to give me a rating on... Continue Reading →


The Rush

At times the rush Of my own blood drowns My ears. And I can't stand The sight of lips open Then lips closed, For all I hear Is the pulse, the gush, The tireless quake in my Head. Worse, I can't Speak. I can't Move. A torrent rages In my ears, but my body Shrivels... Continue Reading →

Bloated Bodies

Bloated bodies Full of hot air tumble Down hills cloaked In inky shadow. The evening stinks Of shame and festered regret That spurts from their pores. And the townsfolk hide. Death, They think, comes pouring Down the sloped mounds Outside their homes Where fires burn in stone chimneys And smoke pours up into the sky... Continue Reading →

Week 2 in Frozen Paradise

With another week in St. Petersburg over, I've explored new sights and uncovered some hidden gems you won't find in your travel guides. Let's start off with the Hermitage Museum. Not exactly an original sight to see, but if you haven't been to the Hermitage on your visit to St. Petersburg, well, you're kind of... Continue Reading →

Nothing More

The rivers run red Over a white ocean Glazed in liquid salt. The streams surge Against their smooth banks And flood over the black Cat tails that bat to And fro. And the waters Are pale and stagnant, Drained of their hot-blooded Hue. One would never know The tumult and strife At the river's head.... Continue Reading →

Endless Snow

The snow falls endless From blue lips Whose wasted breath cascades Through the meadows. Buried beneath a powdered Blanket, not a tuft nor blade Of grass shivers. Only the sky shakes, Only the clouds quiver, Exhausted by their own sighs.

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