Mind Trip is on Amazon

It's out! Mind Trip is finally out. So click the link and get your copy now. If you need a reminder of the plot: Surrealist artist Eric paints what he thinks, paints what he sees, and sees what he thinks. Ever since he was a child, the world appeared to him through vivid, dream-like hallucinations that... Continue Reading →


Vienna the Wunderbar

After a lovely morning in Bratislava, my friends and I took a bus to Vienna, Austria and planned our day over a picnic in the park. First on our list was the Schonbrunn Palace. Originally built in 1548, the palace was purchased by the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II in 1569. Since emperors seem to have a... Continue Reading →

I Belong

I sit under the eyes Of striped birch trees Whose roots raise the earth Around me like a mossy bed. The grass prickles The bristles along my skin, And the ants march Over me as though Right there, In the damp, musty soil, I belong. Yet, the sun drips down The cloudy blue walls And... Continue Reading →

Breakfast in Bratislava

So I obviously didn't come to Bratislava for just breakfast. In fact, I arrived in the late afternoon and headed straight to the Hostel Blues where the friendly staff told us all the sites to see. Although I knew of Bratislava, I knew nothing of its sites. Turns out Bratislava is a small, cute city... Continue Reading →

A Taste of Moscow

Two weeks ago I took a trip with the other Americans in my study abroad program to Moscow, the capital of Russia, and the home of my buddy Putin. I would have written sooner about my travels, but I was busy preparing for a trip the next week to Bratislava, Vienna, and Budapest. Stay tuned... Continue Reading →

Mine is the Fairest

All the bards before me Wove words into phrases Embroidered gold With wit and romance. Their brazen basses And tenors tuned To tingle and quiver All the fibers Of the hearts Of their lovers. "Mine is the fairest." So say they all. "Her eyes are down. Her lips are liquor And I'm drunk, And I'll... Continue Reading →

My Fingers Sleep Alone

The calloused tips Of my fingers Have collapsed into a numb Sleep after years crumpled Into a fist. Cold As the bones beneath, They fumble Like a child blind In the dark, Reaching for a familiar touch. They find Nothing. Senseless, Even to each other, They shiver In a row In the sun. The pen... Continue Reading →

Thieves in the Dawn

Thieves lurk in the dawn Plucking stars From the faded blackness. Grins bloom Along their wormy lips And their nails glow With the dust Of the heavens. Pockets full of crystal light, They slink back to their burrows Before day can catch Them in the act. And they rest Without sleep Too eager To see... Continue Reading →

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