The Tsar’s Village

To all the Russian history and literature buffs out there, the Tsar's Village (Tsarskoe Selo) is a well-known spot. In this village outside St. Petersburg, Alexander Pushkin, the father of Russian literature, made his name. It was here that the author of Eugene Onegin studied and wrote himself into stardom. I had the chance to see... Continue Reading →


400 For Novel 4

I've been working hard on getting a fourth novel out as soon as I can. For my dedicated readers out there, I know it's been a long wait. I can't remember how long I've teased with you a fantasy novel, but today I reached an exciting landmark: 400 pages. That's about 100,000 words. Quality is my... Continue Reading →


My time in Budapest was bittersweet, mostly sweet, but also bitter. It was my last stop on a trip through Bratislava and Vienna. Everyone bragged to me about Budapest's beauty and fun vibe. I had to enjoy it because I knew it was my last hoorah...and oh, I would. My friends and I arrived later in the... Continue Reading →

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