Query Letter: How Black is the Shadow

I'm in the process of writing my query letter for How Black is the Shadow. I'd appreciate any and all feedback. If you have none, I hope the letter at least makes you excited to read my next novel. Here you are: Dear Agent: When Kat’s brother falls through the ice of a frozen river,... Continue Reading →


A Few Days in Montreal

What did you ask Santa for this Christmas? I asked for a trip to Montreal and since I was a good boy this year, Santa obliged. Lucky me! I'm not much of a patriot and Europe has always seemed a better fit for me. The architecture, the food, the culture. I can't get enough of... Continue Reading →

A Letter From Defeat

Defeat handed me A letter; corners neat, Skin pale, body Trim. On the back, A seal with the letters FU Pressed hard In black wax. On the front, My name, dead Center. No loops, no frills, No flourishes. Just cold, Black type. I threw the letter On a fire and delighted In its crackle.

Putting Putin in His Place

As a Slavic Studies major whose thesis paper concerned Russian President Vladimir Putin's utilization of voting to pacify his people and subvert democratic mechanisms, I hope you'll grant me a bit of higher ground on this argument. CIA reports show that Putin's administration has meddled in the 2016 US presidential election, which resulted in the... Continue Reading →

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