The Treasure is Found

In a former blog post, I created a treasure hunt in the style of Byron Preiss's The Secret (a Treasure Hunt). I hid an opal ring somewhere in the US and crafted a riddle to lead the brightest among you to it. However, I guess my treasure hunt wasn't as difficult as Preiss's because after... Continue Reading →


The Mont in Montreal

Montreal, which means "Royal Mountain," gets its name from the beautiful mountain that shoots out of the center of the city. From the street level, you can look up and marvel at the tree-covered peak, but the best view is from the top. To get up top, you need to climb. You can take several sets... Continue Reading →

Spring Break in the City

While the rest of my classmates spent spring break in warm, beach resorts, getting drunk off their asses, I stayed in New York City. My girlfriend Kita from Britain came to visit. We can't see each other often, so it was a meaningful week for the two of us. A blizzard rolled through on Tuesday,... Continue Reading →

A Few Days in Montreal

What did you ask Santa for this Christmas? I asked for a trip to Montreal and since I was a good boy this year, Santa obliged. Lucky me! I'm not much of a patriot and Europe has always seemed a better fit for me. The architecture, the food, the culture. I can't get enough of... Continue Reading →

Feathers and Felines in the Big Apple

New York City isn't known for its wildlife. In general, the animals that call NYC home are the kind you'd rather ignore. Dirty packs of pigeons waddle along the streets and coo from the rooftops while rats scurry through the subways, sometimes with a stolen pizza in their jaws. But rest assured, there's more than... Continue Reading →


My time in Budapest was bittersweet, mostly sweet, but also bitter. It was my last stop on a trip through Bratislava and Vienna. Everyone bragged to me about Budapest's beauty and fun vibe. I had to enjoy it because I knew it was my last hoorah...and oh, I would. My friends and I arrived later in the... Continue Reading →

Vienna the Wunderbar

After a lovely morning in Bratislava, my friends and I took a bus to Vienna, Austria and planned our day over a picnic in the park. First on our list was the Schonbrunn Palace. Originally built in 1548, the palace was purchased by the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II in 1569. Since emperors seem to have a... Continue Reading →

Breakfast in Bratislava

So I obviously didn't come to Bratislava for just breakfast. In fact, I arrived in the late afternoon and headed straight to the Hostel Blues where the friendly staff told us all the sites to see. Although I knew of Bratislava, I knew nothing of its sites. Turns out Bratislava is a small, cute city... Continue Reading →

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