The Pariah

The pariah dons A porcelain smile, Cracked at the corners, Where his clay lips Fall as gentle As the morn, piece By piece. He walks In costumes cut From the same cloth That holds you Close. While it welcomes And warms you, The thread rubs his shoulders Raw. The pariah Stares out of two sinkholes... Continue Reading →

My Fingers Sleep Alone

The calloused tips Of my fingers Have collapsed into a numb Sleep after years crumpled Into a fist. Cold As the bones beneath, They fumble Like a child blind In the dark, Reaching for a familiar touch. They find Nothing. Senseless, Even to each other, They shiver In a row In the sun. The pen... Continue Reading →

Alone in Company

I spent a year In a pixie's garden Where winter washes Over the lilacs In a wave of crystal frost, And summer surges In the heavy, humid air With the bustle Of a thousand bees Filling their combs past the brim. And always Nestled in the shade Of an oaken giant, Cloaked in shadow And... Continue Reading →

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