Quiet Rests in Me

Taken down to the ruins Where silence begets silence. Death eases out of rusty sands. Oblivion cries wordless, Face pink, desperate, mad, Birthed in the cracks Of shattered stones. So here I take my rest, Plopped down amongst tearful Faces forgotten In mother earth's curdled, Rotten breast. And in me Green tendrils Press behind my... Continue Reading →

Hear Me

You hear The wind's whispers. You hear Him spin silence Into heartbroken songs, Turn hesitant night Into soaring sound. His breath You hear Raking through your hair, Sweeping autumn leaves Along the paved, still street. So why don't you Hear me?

Alone in Company

I spent a year In a pixie's garden Where winter washes Over the lilacs In a wave of crystal frost, And summer surges In the heavy, humid air With the bustle Of a thousand bees Filling their combs past the brim. And always Nestled in the shade Of an oaken giant, Cloaked in shadow And... Continue Reading →


Each day is spent At a well with a silvery cedar bucket On a scraggly strand of rope. As you cast down your line, You lean into the well, Hoping to hear the splash Of wood on water. You hear nothing. The arid wind swims through your hair, Cracks your tender lips, And howls dryly.... Continue Reading →

Around the Coals

Around the coals decayed To black, a circle Of rocks savors What warmth remains, What light tests the dark. The once roaring fire That charred their rocky sides, Now a shivering tongue Coiled in ash. A faint glow kindles Off the wind's whispers. For a breath The stony guards smile orange And their shadows stretch... Continue Reading →

Bars Between the Trees

Through the wind-wrought forest, Between slouched birches, peeling, I found you With the sun in your teeth, Eyes cloudless And silver from the circling Gates in your gaze. "Why the bars?" I called, Still from afar, Where the dying moss shriveled Into brown bricks Mortared to the face Of the mountainside. "Not a prison," I... Continue Reading →

The Bleeding Star

Did you notice the bleeding Star descending? Did you see the body burning Behind itself In a glittering trail Of tumbling Flecks of skin? Or were your eyes On the sun? Yes, its light is brighter, Stable and slow. Safe and warm, It browns your body With a long, caramel kiss. Now look again, For... Continue Reading →

Mine is Through the Thicket

A fork flays the road. An offshoot course dawdles In the infinite horizon, The skies lit sapphiric blue While a single cloud floats in For a chat. Down the second split, Willows weeping golden Strands cloak the path black In the shadow of their limbs. But the solid glow Of a thousand lanterns' fires Leads you... Continue Reading →

The Beating Time-Keeper

Deep in the gutted Belly of a chest, Dust settles on nameless Treasures. Toy ships lost On bellowing, black Waters churning along Through nighttime fantasies. A brother's bottled Scream, of joy, Of sorrow, and fear. The velvet caress Of a lover's first kiss And second and third And final. Deep in the beating Time-keeper, where... Continue Reading →

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