The Self-Esteem Dilemma

I, along with the majority of people I've met, struggle with some insecurity. For some it's just a bother. For others it's crippling. They become so conscious of the way they look, talk, and/or move that they close themselves in their room. Then, the insecurities fester. When next this person interacts with others, they act as if... Continue Reading →

What is Depression Like?

Here's what it feels like to me anyways. I have three sorts of days: normal days, blue days, and grey days. Now, most days are usually a combination of all three, but every now and then you have one day that seems to be more extreme. Also, these feelings don't always divide neatly into a day.... Continue Reading →


Many people ask me where I get the inspiration to write what I write. "I just think of something and write. That's it." They always seem disappointed by that response. And it's no wonder. I could never tell them the full truth. I don't write happy endings. My characters would hate me. If ever they find... Continue Reading →

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