Each day is spent At a well with a silvery cedar bucket On a scraggly strand of rope. As you cast down your line, You lean into the well, Hoping to hear the splash Of wood on water. You hear nothing. The arid wind swims through your hair, Cracks your tender lips, And howls dryly.... Continue Reading →

The Cognitive Correction

As I continue to suffer and weep in the cold hands of a relentless depression, I have took it upon myself to read a self-help book on cognitive psychology. The book, Feeling Good by David Burns is an excessively long look at the causes and solutions for depression. Although I have completed only about 300 pages... Continue Reading →

JK Rowling’s Dementors

For those of you who don't know, JK Rowling, the massively successful writer of the Harry Potter series has depression. Even after the fame and fortune of her first two books, Rowling struggled with the cold, numbing pain I know all too well. By the time she finished her third book, The Prisoner of Azkaban, Rowling created a... Continue Reading →

Confession#9-What the Hell Do I Know?

Judging the underwhelming response to my last confession, I get the feeling you guys really don't give a shit about my personal life. But please, give me a like or a comment. Give me your support. I need it. I realized something. I don't know anything about love. Daisy and I have continued our shenanigans,... Continue Reading →

What is Depression Like?

Here's what it feels like to me anyways. I have three sorts of days: normal days, blue days, and grey days. Now, most days are usually a combination of all three, but every now and then you have one day that seems to be more extreme. Also, these feelings don't always divide neatly into a day.... Continue Reading →


Many people ask me where I get the inspiration to write what I write. "I just think of something and write. That's it." They always seem disappointed by that response. And it's no wonder. I could never tell them the full truth. I don't write happy endings. My characters would hate me. If ever they find... Continue Reading →

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