Why Writers Torture Characters

Everyone does it and everyone should do it. Writing like most things in the world involves patterns. People pick up those patterns and thus expect what is to come. That's tension people. Tension is what people love. They know what's coming, but they don't know when, how, and/or why. You might be thinking, "Oh! Like... Continue Reading →

Tolkien 2.0

What made Tolkien amazing? Well, a ton of things. One reason: he made his own languages. I speak a language and I study a foreign language. Why can't I do that? It's a helluva lot of work, but still... Look. I want to make a fantasy epic. I want to make the next Lord of the... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Troubles

Since my last post, I've been thinking...fantasy is one tough genre. There are so many pitfalls, so many cliches, and it almost feels like all the fantasy stories that could be told, have been told. Yeah, yeah, there are no new stories, only new ways of telling them. Whatever. Most fantasy stories take place in... Continue Reading →

Is Jon Snow Dead?

I won't even bother with spoilers here. If you're reading this, then you already know you're in for some spoilers. So, to answer the question, yes and no. Yes for the TV series. No for the books. Let's start with the series. TV Jon is Dead After Olly and Alliser Thorne lure Jon out, a large... Continue Reading →

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