Who Wants a Free Book?

GASP! Did you say free? Yes, I did kiddies. My book Becoming God is on sale, and by sale, I mean it's free until this Thursday. If you're looking for an action-packed science fiction novel, why not get Becoming God? It's a quick read, and did I mention free? Make sure to give me a rating on... Continue Reading →


At last! BECOMING GOD is published. Take a look. Spread the word. But it. Come on...look at the cover. You know you want to. Here's the link.

A Query on Queries

So I've got this great novel that I finished writing a while ago. BECOMING GOD. Damn, I like that title. Makes you think, "Hmm...how does one become God? What makes you a god?" Oh, right. I have a question! I submitted 27 query letters for my novel at least a month ago. I think somewhere around... Continue Reading →

The Paradox in God’s Nature

For the religious among you, look away. It's going to get controversial. Before I became an Atheist, I was raised a Roman Catholic. If there is anything I know about God from my more religious days, it's that God is three things: All-Righteous All-Knowing All-Powerful But, when you think about that in the context of... Continue Reading →

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