I Dreamt of Home

I dreamt Of an ancient tree Stripped bare To its silver branches. Harlequin leaves Lay in clumps At its twisted roots, Whose frail tendrils Reached ever outwards. I dreamt Of an iron sun In a sky of cold steel. Ashen clouds marched In boundless, black regiments. From far off I heard the crack of thunder,... Continue Reading →

I Belong

I sit under the eyes Of striped birch trees Whose roots raise the earth Around me like a mossy bed. The grass prickles The bristles along my skin, And the ants march Over me as though Right there, In the damp, musty soil, I belong. Yet, the sun drips down The cloudy blue walls And... Continue Reading →

Culture Shock

To me, culture shock has always sounded like one of those concepts study abroad advisors and travel agents explain to you just to convince you they aren't completely useless. Oh no, my destination is different than my home country. Of course it is. That's why I'm going. For the casual tourist or vacationer, culture shock... Continue Reading →

Bars Between the Trees

Through the wind-wrought forest, Between slouched birches, peeling, I found you With the sun in your teeth, Eyes cloudless And silver from the circling Gates in your gaze. "Why the bars?" I called, Still from afar, Where the dying moss shriveled Into brown bricks Mortared to the face Of the mountainside. "Not a prison," I... Continue Reading →

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