Your Touch

Your touch Lights a flame Whose drunken tongue Slides across my chest, Whose feverish hands Grasp me In a hot embrace. You ask me Why I'm silent. But your words Are half-deafened By the crackle of fire In my veins. I feel it Smolder in my skin And stifle My breath. You gaze down With... Continue Reading →


Only Sweet Memories

A porcelain face lives On the ceiling above my bed. When I lie back, I see Its blue gaze Stained into the sheetrock, And I wait And wonder when The stare will stop. Soon I fall asleep To the caress Of its breath on my brow, And fingers, I imagine, Trace paths through my hair... Continue Reading →

Godwin’s Love Song

A love song by Sir Godwin Fulcrum from my fantasy series The Ashborne Chronicles: I’ve walked beaten paths Through thorns and thistle While clouds cracked On nights so fickle. I’ve cried in fields Drenched in shadow, Alone, forgotten, Left to fallow.   But never did I know How our love would grow Ere I took... Continue Reading →

Ruby Lips

From across the clamor Of a late and laughing bar, I spied your lips, Ripe and red Like two tart cherries. A ruby glow Lit my skin While my tongue twisted With hot desire. Yet I sat, stared, and said Nothing. Your gaze Drifted over half-drunk faces Not so longing or lustful As my own. Your... Continue Reading →

Angel’s Wings

Wings clap. Your feathers fall In twisted courses Like downy, gold dancers In the gusty, blue void. Sweet spring air washes Over my lips, stained By your honeyed scent; An echo, a memory, An echo of where you Once roost. You flutter off While my squinted eyes Follow you Past the creeping Shadows, your face... Continue Reading →

A Love Letter

My dear, It's hard to be certain of anything in this world, but I've always considered myself one of he lucky few who understands more than most. I see the world for what it is and I know how it works. I also understand myself quite well. I know what I like and dislike, what... Continue Reading →

Mine is the Fairest

All the bards before me Wove words into phrases Embroidered gold With wit and romance. Their brazen basses And tenors tuned To tingle and quiver All the fibers Of the hearts Of their lovers. "Mine is the fairest." So say they all. "Her eyes are down. Her lips are liquor And I'm drunk, And I'll... Continue Reading →

Bars Between the Trees

Through the wind-wrought forest, Between slouched birches, peeling, I found you With the sun in your teeth, Eyes cloudless And silver from the circling Gates in your gaze. "Why the bars?" I called, Still from afar, Where the dying moss shriveled Into brown bricks Mortared to the face Of the mountainside. "Not a prison," I... Continue Reading →

Maybe You Love Me

Perhaps, tucked away In the billowing folds Of black space Between our Earth And another, where beasts Squawk and shake The crystal dew from their feathery manes, You love me. Snake men fly As the sun sinks In the east, And you and I Walk hand in hand. Beneath the moonless night, When crickets purr... Continue Reading →

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