How to Consume News

I usually don't post about such political topics, but I've noticed a growing trend of disinformation and conspiracies. Frankly, people don't know what to believe anywhere. They don't know where to turn, and in their confusion, they turn to some poor sources of news. Having just finished my master's dissertation on Russian manipulation of the... Continue Reading →

Forgive My Politics-BLM

I've tried to resist getting into politics on here. A blogger shouldn't be your go to source for politics and I should probably avoid offending people with my views. But I've already called kids disgusting, claimed free will doesn't exist, and presented the existence of God as impossible. If you read through that, then this is... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Novel a Fantasy?

You may recall that I started writing a fantasy novel a long time ago. Well, I'm still writing. Apparently, these books take a lot of time. And Stephen King said any book should take three months or fewer to write. Psh. What a liar! Three months have come and gone, and I'm only halfway done with... Continue Reading →

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