Fantasy Novel a Fantasy?

You may recall that I started writing a fantasy novel a long time ago. Well, I'm still writing. Apparently, these books take a lot of time. And Stephen King said any book should take three months or fewer to write. Psh. What a liar!¬†Three months have come and gone, and I'm only halfway done with... Continue Reading →

So Close…Or Maybe Not

A while back I mentioned that I finished the first draft of a novella about a hallucinatory painter. Since then, I've revised the draft and sent out copies to some friends in the hope that they'd give me some good critiques. So far every person has given positive responses, and positive responses only. Hooray! Actually,... Continue Reading →


At last! BECOMING GOD is published. Take a look. Spread the word. But it. Come on...look at the cover. You know you want to. Here's the link.


I'm what you might call "technologically challenged." I'm an idiot when it comes to computers and the like. Thus, it's taken longer than I would have liked, but BECOMING GOD has now been submitted to Amazon Kindle. It'll be available in roughly 12 hours. Yeah, I know...12 hours ūüė¶ Wait it out! Then buy it.... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon

BECOMING GOD is coming soon...really soon. In fact, I might be publishing it tomorrow on Amazon. I wrote this novel nearly a year ago, edited it since then, and then begged my mother, an art teacher, to design¬†the cover. Well, she finished the cover today.¬†I forget how long it takes Amazon to upload a novel,... Continue Reading →

Publishing Career

Every single author will tell you the same thing: a writer must love to read and write.¬†Read and write. Obviously, I write. Hey, look! I'm doing it right now. But I love to read as well.¬†In fact, when I'm not working, basically all I do is read and write...and play video games...and eat. Anyways, here's... Continue Reading →

Update on Novel and Novella

I mentioned in an earlier post that I queried agents for my second novel about two super-powered boys that develop god complexes. BECOMING GOD. Yes, I know you remember it. And I may have mentioned that I was writing a novella about a hallucinatory surrealist painter. Well, the first draft is done. Hooray!!!

A Query on Queries

So I've got this great novel that I finished writing a while ago. BECOMING GOD. Damn, I like that title. Makes you think, " does one become God? What makes you a god?" Oh, right. I have a question! I submitted 27 query letters for my novel¬†at least a month ago. I think somewhere around... Continue Reading →

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