Putting Putin in His Place

As a Slavic Studies major whose thesis paper concerned Russian President Vladimir Putin's utilization of voting to pacify his people and subvert democratic mechanisms, I hope you'll grant me a bit of higher ground on this argument. CIA reports show that Putin's administration has meddled in the 2016 US presidential election, which resulted in the... Continue Reading →

Divo Ostrov

When I say Saint Petersburg, you think...amusement park! No? Why not? You should. Okay. I won't say that Divo Ostrov is top on the list of places to visit in Saint Petersburg, but if you feel the need for an adrenaline rush, you should check it out. It hits all the theme park cliches that remind you... Continue Reading →

Veliky Novgorod (The Great New City)

The Great New City. What a fantastic title! Well, Novgorod isn't new and if you're considering great to mean big and busy, you're wrong again. In fact, Novgorod is an old city established in the 9th century AD. Today it survives as a little city with a calm lifestyle and a whole host of history... Continue Reading →

Adventure in the Hermitage

The Hermitage Museum is so large that it would take years to view it in its entirety. There are over 3 million works of art on exhibit, and just imagine how much art is stored away. So obviously I can't show you the entire museum. Instead I wanted to take you along on my journey as... Continue Reading →

Week 2 in Frozen Paradise

With another week in St. Petersburg over, I've explored new sights and uncovered some hidden gems you won't find in your travel guides. Let's start off with the Hermitage Museum. Not exactly an original sight to see, but if you haven't been to the Hermitage on your visit to St. Petersburg, well, you're kind of... Continue Reading →

My First Week in St. Petersburg

God, where to begin? This is easily the most stunning city I have seen. As a point of contrast, look at New York City. Some might find this cityscape exciting. I know I did at one point. There's so much texture. Here and there buildings stab into the sky. It's a sensory overload as you... Continue Reading →

I Made it to Russia

Three hours of driving and ten hours of flight later, I have arrived in Saint Petersburg, Russia! No. I didn't take that picture. You think I actually went out on my first day? I'm pooped! Jet lag is a mean-spirited woman that I'd love to take to dinner, only to sneak out the bathroom window... Continue Reading →

Pre-Departure Nerves

Just a day away from starting my journey to the snowy lands of Russia, and I can't help but feel nervous...sad even. I know what a great time I'll have. I'll meet new people who are part of a different culture in a different country, half a world away. What an adventure! Don't worry, I'll show... Continue Reading →

Back from the Dead

Hello again fabulous readers. I'd love to give you some excuse about how I couldn't write because I broke both my hands from a run in with a violent alcoholic in the parking lot of a Baskin Robbins. But, honestly, I was just lazy. Well, I had finals too...cut me a little slack. Don't worry.... Continue Reading →

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