Each day is spent At a well with a silvery cedar bucket On a scraggly strand of rope. As you cast down your line, You lean into the well, Hoping to hear the splash Of wood on water. You hear nothing. The arid wind swims through your hair, Cracks your tender lips, And howls dryly.... Continue Reading →

Broken Man

If you look in the mirror Look just look just once In the mirror look Again look There at the man Blood on his hands Face fractured Snapped and Broken face In the mirror Broken face How sad He didn't mean it Never meant it Would never mean Not mean No not mean Not a... Continue Reading →

Confession#9-What the Hell Do I Know?

Judging the underwhelming response to my last confession, I get the feeling you guys really don't give a shit about my personal life. But please, give me a like or a comment. Give me your support. I need it. I realized something. I don't know anything about love. Daisy and I have continued our shenanigans,... Continue Reading →

What is Depression Like?

Here's what it feels like to me anyways. I have three sorts of days: normal days, blue days, and grey days. Now, most days are usually a combination of all three, but every now and then you have one day that seems to be more extreme. Also, these feelings don't always divide neatly into a day.... Continue Reading →

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