The Global Treasure Hunt: Riddle #3

You all are incredible at riddles. Enough of you have figured out the second riddle so I will post the third riddle now. The second tin is in Stockholm, a city known for its canals and islands. Begin in Humlegarden, which has green leaves, and is also home to the Royal Library whose books have... Continue Reading →


The Global Treasure Hunt: Riddle #2

Since multiple people have gotten the first riddle to The Global Treasure Hunt, I will release the second riddle. But first let me explain where the first Tin was buried. The first riddle refers to a great, watchful eye and an hourly chime, which many of you correctly assumed to be the London Eye and... Continue Reading →

The Global Treasure Hunt

The Global Treasure Hunt has begun! For fans of treasure hunts like The Secret: A Treasure Hunt, or even the treasure hunt I did not too long ago, here's an even better one for you. I've buried 5 metal tins across Europe, each about 6 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 2 inches deep. Below... Continue Reading →

Crafting a Treasure Hunt

Inspired by Byron Preiss's The Secret (A Treasure Hunt), I have decided to create my own treasure hunt. The exact details are still to come, so don't hold your breath. But I want to give you something to ponder over for many days and weeks. Although Preiss hid several gems in several places all across... Continue Reading →

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