Update: Two Books. One Done. One to Come.

At long last, I have finished writing the final book to the Ashborne Chronicles. Sure as Stone will tell the final tale of Kat Ashborne as she struggles through war and deception to make her family whole once more. All I need to do is make the cover art. Then Sure as Stone will be... Continue Reading →


Novel #4 Update

For the past few months I've been working on a fantasy novel about Kat, a spirited peasant girl, and her quest to resurrect her younger brother Colton. Although I am nowhere near done, I'm thrilled by this novel. I've created a stunning world with its own legends, history, and complex cast of characters. Ah, and there is... Continue Reading →


I haven't posted in a long time. Sorry. Since the first day of classes starts tomorrow, I've been busy this past week saying goodbye to friends and family, packing for my trip to Columbia University, saying hello to friends at Columbia, hanging out with them, enjoying the last few moments of freedom... As you might imagine, I'm... Continue Reading →


At last! BECOMING GOD is published. Take a look. Spread the word. But it. Come on...look at the cover. You know you want to. Here's the link.


I'm what you might call "technologically challenged." I'm an idiot when it comes to computers and the like. Thus, it's taken longer than I would have liked, but BECOMING GOD has now been submitted to Amazon Kindle. It'll be available in roughly 12 hours. Yeah, I know...12 hours 😦 Wait it out! Then buy it.... Continue Reading →

Update on Novel and Novella

I mentioned in an earlier post that I queried agents for my second novel about two super-powered boys that develop god complexes. BECOMING GOD. Yes, I know you remember it. And I may have mentioned that I was writing a novella about a hallucinatory surrealist painter. Well, the first draft is done. Hooray!!!

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