My Fingers Sleep Alone

The calloused tips Of my fingers Have collapsed into a numb Sleep after years crumpled Into a fist. Cold As the bones beneath, They fumble Like a child blind In the dark, Reaching for a familiar touch. They find Nothing. Senseless, Even to each other, They shiver In a row In the sun. The pen... Continue Reading →


The Hermit’s Zoo

Seated in a bottle, Looking out. The world Is the hermit's zoo. Men Flap jaws cut From granite. Cheeks, Steel razors red Like blood. They raise Their soft gaze, brow taut Skin covered thinner Than a sprawled spider Web. God's Greatest creation, I Watch, half On them, the other On me, perfect In my mirrored... Continue Reading →

Nothing More

The rivers run red Over a white ocean Glazed in liquid salt. The streams surge Against their smooth banks And flood over the black Cat tails that bat to And fro. And the waters Are pale and stagnant, Drained of their hot-blooded Hue. One would never know The tumult and strife At the river's head.... Continue Reading →

Endless Snow

The snow falls endless From blue lips Whose wasted breath cascades Through the meadows. Buried beneath a powdered Blanket, not a tuft nor blade Of grass shivers. Only the sky shakes, Only the clouds quiver, Exhausted by their own sighs.

And That’s Enough

I want just to dangle In your web As a single string Of a larger strand Woven into your fiber netting. When you move, Where you move, I tremble on the echo Of your every step. Me, A part of you. A part By chance, you may glance At while I shudder in the wind, Aging... Continue Reading →

How to Make a Killing as a Writer

You're all here, I assume, for the secret. You're looking for the trick no one told you, the trick no one knows, no one but me, and now you. You want to know what made the greatest and most successful authors? Well, I'll tell you. Drum roll!!! The truth is only dedication to the craft of writing... Continue Reading →

J.J. Abrams’ Mystery Box

In a riveting Ted-Talk, J.J. Abrams discusses the usage of mystery to maintain interest throughout a story. Regardless of genre, he suggests that you can string together a whole line of mystery, leaving the audience in constant confusion. As soon as you open one mystery box, you find another box. Inside that one...another box. John Doe collapses... Continue Reading →

You’re All Idiots and I Love You

Ever since Pride and Prejudice rocked the English world with its drama and scandal, sappy romance stories have dominated a huge share of the market. Meanwhile, masterpieces like Robert Penn Warren's All the King's Men (damn, I love that book) get muted responses. No one's ever heard of the book or the author. But, Nicholas Sparks and... Continue Reading →

How to Fund Travel

Look. I'm a college kid. Money is always on my mind. We desire what we don't have, right? Colleges are ruthless. Oh! You worked really hard to make extra money this summer. It'd be a shame if someone TOOK IT!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! So, how the hell do I fund a trip to and through Europe? Well...... Continue Reading →

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